klpac Orchestra, Symphonic Band & String Ensemble

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Orchestra

The notion of a community orchestra is very much in keeping with the vision of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), which is to foster creative excellence and develop and nurture performing arts culture in Malaysia.

Driven by the obvious need for a community orchestra to cater for the growing numbers of classically trained music students and amateurs, the first auditions were held in October 2006. The klpac Orchestra’s debut concert in December 2006 was Candlelight Christmas, conducted by the Orchestra’s founder and klpac’s first Music Director & Resident Conductor, the late Mr. Brian Tan.

Since then, hundreds of musicians have been a part of the klpac Orchestra and its many concerts throughout the years. It is currently under the leadership of Mr. Lee Kok Leong.


klpac sympband logo_HR_RGBklpac Symphonic Band

The klpac Symphonic Band was formed in 2009. Like the klpac Orchestra, it is a community-oriented initiative aimed at providing a platform for wind and brass musicians to hone their skills and perform regularly. It was established to fill a gap in the local music scene where many wind and brass players who started playing during their schooling years were left with no avenue to continue after graduating. The band debuted with Friendship in Concert in 2009. It is currently under the leadership of Cheryl Mah.




klpac string logo_HR_RGBklpac String Ensemble

The idea of having a String Ensemble was planted back in 2010. With more and more players picking up an instrument from a young age, klpac decided it was time to reach out to these young musicians. The idea was swiftly cemented and the klpac String Ensemble was formed in September the same year with its youngest member aged only nine. The klpac String Ensemble debuted with Fantastikal Strings in April 2011 under the baton of Dr. Takahisa Ota. It is currently under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Filmer.