Pentas 2

With reconfigurable modular seating that can accommodate up to 190, Pentas 2 is klpac’s most versatile performance space. A fully equipped Black Box theatre, it is most suited to hosting a wide range of mainstream and experimental productions, with staging possibilities limited only by the imagination.

The Front of House of Pentas 2 features an art gallery space, perfect for hosting fine art exhibitions..

Technical Description
Pentas 2’s wall-to-wall dimensions are 15600mm x 22400 mm, catwalk-to-catwalk dimensions are 12800mm x 19800mm. There is no permanent control room in Pentas 2; a catwalk system is surrounded with 12 control system docking locations which can turn into lighting / sound control station or a stage manager prompt station.

For more information
Download the Pentas 2 Technical Data Sheet and Pentas 2 Layout

For rental inquiries
Pentas 2 can be rented for stage productions, as well as for commercial purposes such as product launches, film shoots, seminars and other corporate events. For performing arts purpose, please email Kent Tan, Asst. Theatre Manager or call +6 03 4047 9014 for more info. For commercial purpose, please email Lawrence Selvaraj, Asst. Theatre Manager or call +6 03 4047 9015 for more info.