Causeway EXchange: Food, Sex and Death (4th – 7th Aug)

In conjunction with The Causeway Exchange Festival 2011, The Actors Studio and The Singapore Arts House presents Food, Sex and Death. Singaporean and Malaysian playwrights, Desmond Sim and Nandang Abdul Rahman explore the intricacies of three things we certainly can’t live without through a full serving of short plays.

Come and experience fun, laughter and what bring us all together with a variety of collaborativeTheatreFilms,Literary Arts & Workshops and Visual Arts Exhibition.

Date & Time: 4 – 6 August @ 8:30pm; 6 & 7 August @ 3pm

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac

Tickets: RM 23 (Adults), RM 13 (Students & Disabled)

Writer: Desmond Sim & Nandang Abdul Rahman

Cast: The T4YP Ensemble

Plays by Desmond Sim:


The Durian Man And His Daughters is a funny and poignant story about going away, changing – and coming back having gained and lost something. It is the essential story of any family who has a son or daughter who goes away to study, and comes back different, years later. Will our relationships survive the change? That is the question the durian man and his daughters are about to find out the answer to.

“This piece is written for my sister – because she told me that after 20 years of being away, she always felt that her heart was perpetually half in the country of her childhood, and half in the country of her adult years.”- Desmond


In the MRT, a million lives pass each other – and rarely do they connect. In this play MRT, two lives do connect for a brief moment. The saddest man and the saddest old woman in the world meet for a brief moment, and as different as they are… for one brief moment, share some laughter, a memory, share their sadness and fears. And for a little while, they are not so alone.

“This play was inspired by something that happened in my grandmother’s life, and by an incident I actually witnessed on the MRT.” – Desmond


Plays by Nandang Abdul Rahman:


“Assam Pedas Mama” revolves around the questions of family history and the importance of how it links to the acceptance of who someone is by the family.  It was written based on my own experiences of asking my mother to teach me how to cook her version of the assam pedas dish before I could really move out of the house. It was a way for me to tell my mum that I would be ok living on my own and that I will always have a link back to the family by keeping and cooking her assam pedas dish.


“Kermit and Miss Piggy Have Tickle Sex” came from a whimsical place of wanting to play with Muppet characters and their archetypal characteristic but set in a more adult setting. Inspired by “Avenue Q” and “Wicked”, the play is set in a situation when the camera stops rolling and the Muppets go off at the end of the day to their own houses. It’s also a comment of interracial relationship that at one time was all over in the press in Malaysia.


A woman struggles to deal with the recent death of her husband. These inter-connected scenes also reflect my own experiences with dealing with my grandmother’s death many years ago.


Presenter: TAS & The Arts House (Singapore)

Director: Christopher Ling

Written by Desmond Sim (Singapore) & Nandang Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)

Featuring: Belinda Hon, Devyani Gupta, Kamini Senthilathiban, Nabil Zakaria & Nick Dorian

Executive Producer: Dato Faridah Merican

Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM

In conjunction with the CausewayEXchange

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Opening of ‘Food, Sex and Death’ in Singapore

July 30, 2011 | By Elizabeth Raisa Tanawi


Things we can’t live without in life tends to be the things that defies something you consider it to be ‘good’. Six stories tightly packed within an hour until the actors bid adieu from the stage, award-winning Singaporean-play wright Desmond Sim and Malaysian Nandang Abdul Rahman explore the appetites, pleasures, and miseries that life can offer at an untimely moment.

The stage, presented at the Arts House Hall, was indeed more like a private chamber with an intimate setting to even further convey the message of the short story. “The use of the minimal setting was effective as the different stories were told using only 5 chairs on stage. The transition was for the most part was done smoothly and the actors’s take on the characters was believable,” said Bosa Layarda, a casual theatre-goer. As it so says, anyone could relate to its contemporary issues raised in this current world within any family from the First World or the Third.

Filled with slices of humor and climatic point in its plots to trigger your emotions, the play Food, Sex and Death directed by Christopher Ling will bring everyone to its realizing point on life.

Catch and be updated with your own views of your values of life in Singapore until 30 July and Kuala Lumpur from 4 August to 7 August 2011, as part of the Causeway Exchange.

The run will be till this Saturday, 30 of July. More information click here.


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