klpac: FAQ

Where is klpac located?
klpac is located within Sentul Park, at the 3rd mile of Jalan Ipoh.

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How do I get to klpac via public transport?
The most direct form of public transport to klpac is the KTM Komuter. Sentul Park, where klpac is located, is directly served by the adjacent Sentul Komuter Station and klpac is a short walk away from the Station’s entrance to the park.

The Star Line Sentul (ST10) LRT station is 10 minutes away by taxi.

By Rapid KL bus, the closest landmark is the KFC, Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh bus stop.

Is parking available?
Yes, ample free outdoor parking is available.

What are klpac’s hours of operation?
The klpac box office is open from 10:30am everyday including Sundays and public holidays. It closes at 8:30pm on show days and 6:30pm on non-show days.

The administrative office is open 10:00am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday and 10:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays.

How do I purchase show tickets?
You may walk-in or call the klpac box office at 03-4047 9000 or buy online at www.ticketpro.com.my

Does klpac do ticket bookings?
No, klpac does not take bookings. You must make a purchase to secure tickets.

Is klpac disabled friendly?
Yes. Parking for the disabled are provided at the entrance, and wheelchairs have ground floor access to Pentas 1, Pentas 2 & wheelchair friendly toilets. A lift provides access to the second floor where the Academy and Indicine are located.

Pentas 1 also features wheelchair friendly seats in seat numbers A1, A6, A7, A10, A11, A14, A15 & A19. Kindly indicate to our box office staff when purchasing seats for the disabled so that suitable seats are allocated.

Where can I eat?
Jalan Ipoh is a haven for food lovers, where a wide selection of affordable cuisine is to be found. Additionally, the following three restaurants are located within Sentul Park

Societe Cafe
Serving Western and Asian Delights
Contact: 03 4041 8189
Open from 10am daily, closes at 7pm on non-showdays; 9:30pm on showdays

Samira by Asian Terrace
A Thai fine dining experience
Contact: 03 4042 3880
Open 12pm – 11:45pm daily (Kitchen closes at 10:30pm)

Bistro Richard
A French bistro experience
Contact: 03 4041 3277
Open 1pm – 11pm (weekdays), 12pm – 11pm (weekends)

Light snacks and drinks are also available at the klpac Resource Centre.

Is there a dress code?
No, klpac does not enforce any dress code.

Do we have room for mother to nurse their baby?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped with a special room for mother to nurse their baby. In this instance, we would recommend the mother to use klpac’s staff toilet at Level 1 which has more privacy.

If you do need help at any point, please do not hesitate to contact our Front of House personnel or Security Officer

Why do you need to ask for my CVC credit card number (purchase via the phone)? Is the  number going to be stored in your system?

This is one of the way where we can verify that you are the genuine card holder. Or else, any person can quote any 16 digit credit card number without even having the actual physical card. This is one of the requirement by the bank.

Please rest assure that the CVC number will just be keyed on the credit machine and will not be stored anywhere else including our ticketing software.

If you are not feeling comfortable in revealing your CVC number which is very understandable, perhaps, you can consider walking in to any one of our outlet or purchase through our online ticketing system which has internet security protecting all these sensitive information.

Is baby lap seating allowed? Why?

No, lap seating is not recommended unless the baby / toddler is counted as one head count (which means he/she is required to pay for a seat). Each hall has its own maximum seating capacity as per the safety regulation. If the baby / toddler is not counted as a head count, that means the show could potentially have many more patron inside the hall. During anemergency or evacuation, this can complicate the process.

Age limit will varies from show to show, also depending on the production companies.

Is food and drink allowed to be brought in to the theatre? Why?

For Pentas 1, food & drinks are strictly not allowed due to the theatre seating layout & structure.

For Pentas 2 & Indicine, drinks are allowed to be brought in depending on the production. Certain productions will not allow at all as it may cause unneccesary disturbance to the show. Please do check with the Front of House Personnel for more information.

If you are to bring in your drink, we would appreciate it if you could also bring out the glass, packets or can to be disposed / returned accordingly.

Will there be a meet and greet sessions with the cast after the show?

Meet and greet session may vary depending on the production. If there’s a meet and greet session, it usually occurs in the lobby area on the ground floor and not inside the theatre. Patrons are advised to wait outside the theatre.