Direct Debit Donation

DIRECT DEBIT DONATION – Set up a recurring donation to help klpac.

As a non-profit organisation, klpac is dependant on donations and sponsorship to meet its RM4 million operating expenses each year.

Like any other performing arts organisation around the world, we would not survive without your help. Ticket sales can barely cover the cost of the shows let alone the overheads of running a 7,614 sq metres fully fledged performing arts centre. Our utilities alone cost us almost RM500,000 per year.

klpac’s direct debit donation programme has just been approved. Direct debit means that you can choose to set up a recurring donation that is automatically deducted from your account e.g. RM50 on a monthly basis (you can choose the amount you are comfortable with and whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly).

Those interested can download the direct debit donor form, fill it up and e-mail it to and It will take 2 weeks to process and you will receive a confirmation once it has been completed.

For one-off donations, you may do it online here. Do read our donation FAQ here.