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Preschool Drama Programme

New additional weekday class

Day: Tuesday (first class on March 7th)
Age: 4-6 yrs (Limited seats)
Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm

Day: Saturday
Age: Group A: 3-4 yrs (must be over 36 months old) (Limited seats)
Group B: 4.5- 5.5 yrs ( those who were born in 2012 onwards) (FULL)
Group C: 6 yrs (those who  were born in 2011)

Time:Group A: 10am – 11am
Group B: 11.15am – 12.15pm
Group C: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Day: Sunday
Age: Group A: 3-4 yrs (must be over 36 months old) (Limited seats)
Group B: 4.5 – 5 yrs ( those who were born in 2012 onwards) (Limited seats)
Group C: 6 yrs (those who were born in 2011)
Group D: 6 yrs (those who completed the 5-6 yrs classes in 2016) (FULL)

Time:Group A: 10am – 11am
Group B & C: 11.15am – 12.15pm
Group D: 12.30pm – 1.30pm


Course Fee: RM280
Registration Fee: RM50
(Prices stated are subject to 6% GST)

*Please indicate the day of your choice at the “notes” section on the registration form.

Every semester of the Pre-school Programme consists of 10 weeks that lead up to a mini-presentation on the last class.
Each lesson will be conducted with the following components in mind:

  • Development of the Mind
  • Development of Creative Problem-Solving
  • Development of Speech and Basic Communication
  • Development of PLAY

Each class will have the various topics covered in varying activities such as movement and body, speech and voice, group work and working in a team. Students will learn basic theatre activities and theatre games which help them develop their listening skills and focus.

The classes are limited to only 16 kids per class.

There is no trial class due to the limited number of students.



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Speech & Drama Programme

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Day: Saturday or Sunday
Group A: 7-8 yrs (only Saturday- limited seats, Sunday- FULL)
Group B: 9-12 yrs
Group C: 13-18 yrs
Beginners (Year 1) : 10am-12pm
Intermediate/Advanced (Year 2 – 10) : 12pm-2pm
Course Fee: RM400
Registration Fee: RM50
(Prices stated are subject to 6% GST)

*Please indicate the day of your choice at the “notes” section on the registration form.


1) My children has done speech and drama at school, which level should they go to?
Our Speech & Drama Programme is divided into Beginners (Year 1), Intermediate (Year 2) & Advanced levels (Year 3-10). Levels are based on how many years each students have been with us; and not based on their experience. You will have to join the beginners level even though you may have some experience with speech and drama or acting from other schools or centres.

It’s not about the competition of who can perform better on stage, but we give chance to all students to participate in the classes and join the year end production.

2. Can they join anytime?
Intakes are opened to new registrations for the first and second semester ONLY. New registration is not open for the 3rd semester.Registration is closed on the fourth lessons of each semesters; as students will be handed scripts and roles then.

3. Is the class is for both days? Can I change my child class from Saturday to Sunday in the middle of semester?
The class is only once per week. You may only choose either Saturday or Sunday and will have to stay with the chosen day until the end of semester.

4. Is there any replacement classes?
There are no replacement classes. Dates of the classes are as stated on the schedule.

5. What about the year end show?
The third semester will be dedicated to preparations for the year end production.
The production will be for two whole days (about 10am-5pm). This will includes rehearsals and shows.
For the year 2017, the show is already set on 11 & 12 November 2017.
The show will take place at Pentas 2 and it will be ticketed.
Students attendance are compulsory for both days.


Dance Series: Contemporary Dance Workshop For Beginners (Adults) with Tunku Kurshiah


atiah1Age: 15 yrs and above
Date: 11,18,25 Mar 8,15,22 April  6,13,20 May 2017   (Saturday afternoons)
Time: 2pm-3.30pm
Fee: RM450 (for 3 months)
RM200 for 1 month
Registration Fee: RM50
(Subject to 6% GST)

Min: 6 students per class


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dance classes are a great way to exercise. The improvised nature of contemporary dancing involves fluidity of movement, whilst minimizing the physical stress normally caused by dancing. This style of dance allows you to translate meaning through movement and really allows you to interpret the music.

The purpose of this course is to help dancers to focus and to be fully aware of their body especially on the limitations and capabilities. This can help to create body awareness especially in your daily activities. The workshop will enable individuals to connect physically and mentally.


By learning the choreography, dancers will be able to learn to express themselves, plus they get to exercise their mental strength by remembering the sequences. This workshop will be able to help dancers to train their musical timings as well.


Tunku Kurshiah, fondly known as Atiah was born and raised in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, Atiah started dancing at the age of 3 years old at Mangkunegaran Palace, Solo City, Indonesia. She took up ballet the age of 8 years old, and completed RAD grade 1-8. Her role model is her late uncle GPH Herwasto; and his love for dance has inspired her to pursue dance professionally.

She fell in love with contemporary dance while studying in LA SALLE. She gained a lot of experiences while working with different choreographers; and these has helped her to become a versatile dancer. Atiah plans to continue her Masters in future. She plans to travel, perform and eventually start her own dance company. She aspires to use her skills and knowledge to develop the art scene in Malaysia.

Age: 18 years and above
Day: Saturdays
Date: 18,25 Feb 4,11,18,25 Mar 1,8,15,22 April 2017
Time: 2pm-5pm
Fee: RM600
Reg Fee: 50
(Prices stated are subject to 6% GST)

This beginner’s acting workshop will consist of 10-week course that provides fundamental concepts and techniques of performing for budding actors.
Participants in this workshop will be led through a series of theoretical and practical exercises that seek to introduce basic tools that will strengthen mind-body connections to both the technical processes, as well as the creative processes that inform basic theatrical performance.

Qahar Aqilah was trained as an actor at the Michael Howard Studios in New York. Aside from performing, Qahar also conducts classes and workshops for people who want to learn the craft of acting, including improvisation and how to approach text as an actor. A former member and co-founder of Shakespeare Demystified, he has performed in and co-directed their shows, as well as trained current and new members of the ensemble. He is also a founding member of The AIIA Improv troupe.


Age: 13 yrs and above
Day: Saturdays
Time: 2pm-4pm
Date: 14th January 2017 onwards
Course Fee: RM120 per month (4 classes)
Registration Fee: RM50 (subject to 6% GST)

Yip Kin Wing Chun is a traditional chinese martial art from China with more than 10 weapon forms, horse stance emphasis and “Yin” and “Yang” leveraging concept. It was brought to Malaysia by Yip Kin before World War II. It is a close range combat skills that designed particularly for small size people or lady.

It is very different from many other martial arts that require strong physical strength and good stamina but instead, it leverages on human body structure alignment and positioning during combat to compensate for the lack of physical strength of practitioner and economic movement to conserve energy. Besides combat skills, it also include health component in its syllabus via slow and deep abdominal breathing throughout the whole training. As a result, over the years of training, practitioner become healthier and stronger besides acquiring self-defence skills.

Syllabus (in a nutshell):

A student will be able to learn the 7 hands movement, 8 legs movement, 5 stances, 4 footworks and Qi Gong of Yip Kin Wing Chun within 1 year.

For student who then wish to continue after the first year syllabus can proceed to learn the 8 Core Forms which include Small Flower Fist, Big Flower Fist, Plum Blossom Stick and Drill, 6.5 foot Stick and Drill, Chi Sau and finally, Wooden Dummy. It could take up to 4 years to complete all the Forms.


In the weekly class, it is generally conducted and divided into 5 different segments in which all student despite seniority or level will be experiencing:

a). Foot / leg work – starting from the very basic horse stance to the advance plum blossom stance to train balance, grounding, structure, strike empowerment, moving in confine space and many others

b). Hand work – learning the 7 hands movement in stages and progressively (dependant on student ability) and the more advance 8 Core Forms in later stage

c). Qi Gong – learning to cultivate Qi as well as develop focus and body awareness with good structure. Can be a relaxing and good for health exercise too.

d). Sparring – application of the hand and leg work with an actual sparring partner. Student will be put through scenarios and learn to develop possible counter measure.

e). Q&A – student are encourage to ask question on items that they have learn or perhaps, just sharing their insights and discovery for that week

*Further explanation on syllabus is available upon request



Lim Shoou Ching is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Yip Fok Choy, grandson of Yip Kin and studies under Sifu Kahar Saidun. When Lim fails to land even a punch on Shifu Kahar while he was blind folded but instead being thrown around for a good few minutes, that was the turning point and the beginning of Lim’s journey with Sifu Kahar.

Started learning Yip Kin Wing Chun since 2010, Lim is currently the Class Leader and Assistant Instructor with more than 2 years of teaching experience. To date, Lim has participated in numerous friendly sparring / matches with not only Wing Chun practitioners but also other martial art form including silat, taekwondo and even freestyle.

Sifu Kahar Saidun (Advisory Instructor):

With his 26 years of experience, Kahar teaches, speaks and lives martial arts. Kahar has been practicing Wing Chun since 1991 and is currently one of the two Master Instructors inside the oldest Wing Chun martial arts school and association in Malaysia, which is the “Persatuan Tinju Wing Choon Yip Kin Kuala Lumpur” (first established 1924, formally registered 1960). He has been teaching since the year 2002.

Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy:

Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy was born on May 15th, 1943 in Kuala Lumpur and began learning Wing Chun at age 8. He assisted his grandfather Yip Kin at the martial arts school in the late 1950s. From the early 1970s after the demise of Grandmaster Yip Kin, Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy has inherited the legacy left by his late grandfather.

At age 65, Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy continues to be very active imparting his Wing Chun martial arts to students and teaching various nationalities and age groups to attain progressive improvements in levels of individual achievement. He also teaches lion dance and is sought after as a judge recognized internationally in lion dance competitions within and outside Malaysia. He maintains affiliations and travels regionally in connection with martial arts and lion dance.



Age : 5 years and above
Time : Between 2pm-5pm weekdays

Proper timetable and slot will be confirmed based on mutual agreement.
Any missing classes will not be replaced without 24 hours advanced notice.
Please contact us for other dates and slots.

Class duration: Grade   (Practical ; Theory)

Beginner                       : 30 minutes ; 15 minutes
Grade 1 to 4                 : 30 minutes ; 15 minutes
Grade 5                         : 45 minutes ; 30 minutes
Grade 6 to 8                 : 60 minutes ; 30 minutes

Course Fee: (practical ; theory) per month (4 classes)
Beginner (RM 130; FOC)
Grade 1  (RM 140 ; RM 60)
Grade 2  (RM 150 ; RM 60)
Grade 3  (RM 160 ; RM 60)
Grade 4  (RM 170 ; RM 60)
Grade 5  (RM 190 ; RM 120)
Grade 6  (RM 250 ; RM 120)
Grade 7  (RM 270 ; RM 120)
Grade 8  (RM 290 ; RM 150)
Registration Fee: RM50
(prices stated are subject to 6% GST)

Lesson books can be purchased from the academy.

Exam board: ABRSM
(Fee and material for the exam is not included in the course fee)


The Facilitators

Lee Yueh Yi

is a pianist, music arranger, music composer and founder of Dominant Music Studio and theatre company, ACX Productions. Graduated from University Malaya, Bachelor of Performing Arts major in music. Yueh Yi has more than 13 years piano teaching experience and her music composition won Best Original Music in 11th ADA Drama Award 2012.

Loh Wei Nee

is a pianist, keyboardist, pipa player and music tutor. Graduated from University Malaya, Bachelor of Performing Arts major in music and Master of Music  in Performance Studies at UCSI University. Wei Nee is a multi talent musician and has more than 6 years piano and pipa teaching experience.