Dancebox July 2019
Contemporary Dance Mixed Bill
Release date:
7 July
Chan Kar Kah, Chai Vivan, Douglas Labadin, Fione Chia Yan Wei, January Low, Meraki Cía, SueKi Yee
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000


The Dancebox series is an ongoing project that has been run in partnership by MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio since 2001. An informal performance platform that presents short works of Malaysian dance, Dancebox is the ideal place for local dancers to present work-in-progress showings, experimental work, and dance film, to a warm and responsive audience. Over the decades, many local contemporary dance choreographers have got their start as emerging creators by presenting at Dancebox.

This time, we have 6 local choreographers and 1 international choreographer to present their works.


Presented by MyDance Alliance and The Actors Studio

Date & Time: 7th July, 8.30pm

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac

Ticket: RM15 donation at the door.

Promotion: Free for current MyDance members

Facebook: MyDance Alliance



Title: Saved or Not

Saved or Not, is an exploration of the duality between the real and the fiction, where two people find, through dance, their refuge in the other. The performers experience a journey through different emotions and feelings carried beyond the limits of the scenic space. The piece talks about the passage of time, the confidence between the dancers and their relationship, using the contemporary and breakdance movement. Using an autobiographical format, personal experiences are captured on the stage, building a language based on everyday life.

Choreographer: Meraki Cía

Dancers: Paula Castañón and Lucas García


Title: Coherence

Synopsis: <Coherence> is originally created for the third chapter of《游云》project. Each chapter in the work is specifically accordant with ancient Chinese philosophy, “Tian Shi”, “Di Li”, and “Ren He”. “Ren He”, the development of local Chinese Dance based on the accord of community. It symbolizes the process of how the Chinese community establishes themselves and blends in with the Southeast Asia environment, while retains and inherits their traditional culture at the same time. Using Chinese martial arts “Nan Quan” as a reference, the final chapter captures the unique characteristics of local Chinese Dance in terms of style and motion.

Choreographer: Chan Kar Kah

Dancers: Ker Yee Teng, Megat Amir


Title: Limbs

Synopsis: They are constantly having conflict trying to be coordinated. They tussle to segregate, wishing to be free and independent. But only together, they move forward.

Choreographer: Chai Vivan

Dancers: Chan Wan Xin, Ng Jing Hui, Neo Kharsyn, Avie Low Yann Yu, Yeoh Kai Xin

Music composer: L’Hijjaz’Car

Supported by Equinox Dance Studio


Title: The Virus

Synopsis: You will never know how long it has been lurking in the body, spreading rapidly and always being there.

Choreographer: Fione Chia Yan Wei

Dancers: Low Hooi Yee, Lam Chee Ying, Deanne Lit Wei, Cheong Xiao Jun, Foong Chan Kok, Wong Xu-Ting, Tew Yi Shen, Caren Loi Kar Yan, Loong Shi Yi, Chong ZhiXuan, Chong Sammi, Lim Hwang King


Title: Reclaim_Identity

Synopsis: I found a little bit of space on the internet and poured my soul into it. Every post I wrote made me feel better and better. I learned how to write in a way that I wanted to read. I built my identity by finding a voice through writing.

Choreographer/Dancer: January Low

Music: Leo Jourdain


Title: Certainly Unsure

Synopsis: We wonder, what does the future holds for us, and for you.

Choreographer: Douglas Labadin

Dancers: Douglas Labadin & Shafiq Yussof



Choreographers: Chan Kar Kah, Chai Vivan, Douglas Labadin, Fione Chia Yan Wei, January Low, Meraki Cía (Spain/ Berlin)

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