Mek Mulung: Lakhon Dewa Muda
Theatre, Traditional Theatre
Release date:
3 - 5 May
1 hours 45 minutes
En. Mohd Azhar b. Ariffin & En. Mohd Izzat b. Ismail
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000
Mainly in Bahasa Malaysia


Mek Mulung Lakhon Dewa Muda merupakan sebuah teater tradisional yang mengisahkan cebisan kehidupan seorang putera tunggal yang mendapat alamat mimpi yang berkehendakkan beliau untuk keluar memburu haiwan sakti, berniat bagi keamanan buat negaranya. Berjayakah beliau beroleh keamanan negara?
Dipersembahkan oleh pelajar Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak.
While some may know of Mak Yong, many would not have heard of Mek Mulung though it has been around some 400 years. Even less would know that of the four Sekolah Seni we have in Malaysia, one specialises in Mek Mulung and their performance won first prize in Spain and Beijing.
Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak will be performing Mek Mulung: Lakhon Dewa Muda which tells the tale of a prince on a mission to bring peace to his country.
Mek Mulung Lakhon Dewa Muda is a form of Malay traditional theatre that describes the heroic life of a single prince. One day, he dreamed a message which required him to hunt sacred animals for the purpose of bringing peace to his beloved country. Hence, the prince acknowledged the message and went to carry out his hunting with his ‘awang-awang’ (his assistants). Along the way, they found a peculiar and sacred fruit. Will he be successful in his triumph to his country? What kind of threats will the fruit bring to the prince and will it be harmful to his journey?
Mek Mulung Lakhon Dewa Muda is part of The Actors Studio’s 30th anniversary celebrations made possible by Yayasan Hasanah.


Presented by Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak & The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat
Supported by The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
Featuring Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak

Date & Time:
3rd May 2019 (Friday), 8.30pm
4th May 2019 (Saturday), 8.30pm
5th May 2019 (Sunday), 3.00pm

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac

Tickets: RM 35 (Regular)
RM 20 (TAS Card Members / Students / Senior Citizens / Disabled)

Language: Mainly in Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Kedah


Executive Producer | Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican
Artistic Director | Joe Hasham OAM
Script Adapter & Advisor: Zamzuriah bt Zahari
Music Director: Kamarul Baisah Hussin
Choreographer: Zhafir Muzani
Co-Directors & Scenographer: Mohd Azhar b. Ariffin
Co-Directors: Mohamad Izzat b. Ismail
Producer & Production Manager: Zuraini bt Abdullah
Assistant Director: Mohamad Izwan b Mohd Saad

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