Short+Sweet Malaysia 2019: Theatre (KL)
Festival, Theatre
Release date:
23 Oct - 3 Nov
Age restriction:
4 years and above
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000

With festivals in 14 countries, there is no stopping the SHORT+SWEET mania. Malaysia is no exception as the festival continues to grow here.

We kick off in KL on 6 September with S+S Film, followed by S+S Stand-Up Comedy+Song, Musical, Junior Dance (category for dancers 16 and below), Dance and finish off with Theatre ending on 3 November. It then moves on to Penang from 6 to 16 November for Dance and Theatre.

What makes the festival so popular is its unique format. It only premieres new works that are 10 minutes or less. Not only will you be the first to watch these new creations but, in a single night, you get to watch 10 to 12 different works.

SHORT+SWEET also runs as a competition. The performers compete for a place in the Gala Finals where the winners will win prizes including the coveted Mercedes-Benz Award for Creative Excellence.

Root for your favourite team or, better yet, vote for them and they stand a chance to win the Audience Choice Award.

Come, celebrate us and get swept up in this SHORT+SWEET mania. Like a good Malaysian buffet, there is something for everyone.



23 Oct – 26 Oct 2019 (Week 1);
30 Oct – 2 Nov 2019 (Week 2);
3 Nov 2019 (Gala Night)

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac

Tickets (Standard/Floor Seating):
RM 45 (Adult) / RM 35 (student, senior citizen, disabled & TAS card member)
RM 60 (Gala Night – 3 November 2019)

Wednesday & Thursday Promotion (23, 24, 30, 31 Oct): RM 35

Festival Package: RM 120
(total 3 tickets: 1 ticket for week 1 + 1 ticket for week 2 + 1 ticket for GALA night)
[1 show ticket in week 1 (either Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat) + 1 show ticket in week 2 (either Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat) + 1 show ticket gala night]

Facebook: @Short+Sweet Malaysia



Festival Director & Executive Producer  |  Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican

Artistic Director  |  Joe Hasham OAM

Advisor & Senior Production Manager  |  Easee Gan

Stage Management Team  |  Benedict Chin


01 Familiarity
Synopsis: A familiar encounter with a stranger.
Writer & Director: Ain Nabila and Srini
Cast: Rina, Idris

Synopsis: “Three ex-girlfriends seek revenge on the man that broke their heart”.
Writer & Director: Scott McQuaid
Cast: Bryan Tiang, Charmaine Koh, Alexandria Tan, Ella Sophia Hogarth

03 假面 The Mask
Synopsis: Legends of cursed artifacts are passed down through the generations. Some are accepted by the public while some are forgotten into history… One time, by a twist of luck, two unknown masks fall into the hands of a happy family…
Writer & Director: Koo Song Jiang (Johnny)
Director: Wong Kim Seng
Cast and Crew: Lim Yuen Siang, Joyce Ng, Ong Kar Cheng, Alice Kong Hui Loong, Michelle Hu.

04 Gender Reveal
Synopsis: There’s a lot of ways how a gender reveal party could’ve gone wrong; here are two of them.
Writer & Director: Nur Izzati Khairuddin
Cast: Arissa Nazeera binti Shahiful Azam, Muhammad Aqil Aqram bin Mohd Ibrahim, Nur Amira Arysa binti Ridzal Sham, Tunku Arif Aizudin bin Tunku Abdul Hamid, Aida Batrisyia Bt Khairuddin

05 Robin
Synopsis: The Thompson family gathers for Robin’s funeral and tries to heal and love again.
Writer & Director: Nur Alya Athirah
Director: Fazrul Iqbal B. Ramlan
Cast: Muhammad Harith Daniel B. Abd Halem, Amirul Bahrain B. Shamsul Bahrain, Khaleeqa Naazira Bt Haleman, Ahmad Hazeeq B. Roslan, Arif Danial B. Shazrie Annuar

06 A Heart for a Window
Synopsis: No light. Look up. Always a light up above- UFO kot
Director: Sadiq M.Jamil
Playwright: Aiman Aiman
Cast : Nad Rahmat, Nabil Norsaiful

07 A Series of Conversation
Synopsis: Two people wade through the calm and storm in an evening of realization and acceptance.
Director: Kiran Jacob
Playwright: Anis Majida
Cast: Lew Shu Ni, Sumita Chin

08 Old Alz at the Bus Stop
Director: Sam
Playwright: Joelle Saint-Arnoult

09 Breakfast on an Empty Stomach
Synopsis: A multiracial couple tango around how they feel about their ended relationship.
Director : Celine Wan
Playwright: Tan You Ken
Cast: Wilson Chin, Sharafina

10 Only Death Memisahkan Kita
Synopsis: What if you know when you will die? What would you do? Only death separates us depicts a daddy who has seen his name appear on a death list in a week’s time.That instilled shock & fear in himself. He had to leave mummy (wife), his child & his huge fortune although his preparation to do good deeds is still insufficient for him in the hereafter.Mummy’s indifferent attitudes worried him further. Is his child going to do the same? Only death separates us…..
Director: Mohd Hafizi Bin
Playwright: Yusof Bakar Zulkfeli
Cast: Luqmanul Hakim bin Gus Saladin, Nurulain Filzah binti Mohd Fauzi, Nurul Mardziah binti Zarazilah

11 Overheard At A Cafe In Taman Tun
Synopsis: Don’t spill the tea.
Director: Dinesh Kumar Maganathan
Playwright: Cheah Ui Hua
Cast: Mark Beau de Silva, Kelvin Wong

12 Petrified!
Synopsis: If you breach the laws of filial piety,
You will turn into stone as keras as your hati!
Director: Matthew Koh
Playwright: Lenny Wan
Cast: Sudhan Nair, Sho Suzuki, Caroline Yeoh, Jessica Ong

13 Preeto The Punjabi Aunty
Synopsis: Meet Preeto, your friendly Punjabi aunty!
Director: Ian Skatu – Director
Playwright: Ashvinder Kaur
Cast: Jaswendar Kaur, Preet Bains, Sajjan

14 Sayang je…tapi.
Synopsis: “Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?” – Adele
Playwright & Director: Amir Hazril Harith
Casts: Shahanz Akbar, Shukri Tahir, Aidilla Shaffi, Danny Emirrul

15 States For Two
Synopsis: Imran sent his ex-girlfriend, Sze Rui, who had just arrived at KLIA to their hometown in Batu Pahat, Johor. Along the way, one after another the history of their past romance is exposed.
Director: Ravin
Playwright: Noor Rizuwan
Cast: Firdaus bin Ruslan, Ng Hwee Yun (Yun)

16 Wayang
Synopsis: Marriage in 2019…legit ke?
Director: Mia Sabrina Mahadir

17 17 What Am I To Do, Aunty Flo
Synopsis: “It’s that time of the month for one young woman and with things on her mind, who better to talk to than dear ol’ Aunty Flo herself.”
Director: Darian Pinto
Playwright: Deborah Low
Cast: Reinu Chandra, Deborah Low as Ah Girl

18 Sejenak Di Georgetown
Synopsis: A competition between two night market sellers ends up with a lesson on racism and unity.
Playwright & Director: Fa Abdul
Cast: Sharmila Kana & Aloyah Bakar

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