Venezuelan Opera Gala with Soprano Maria Elena Vargas
Release date:
5 - 6 March
1 hours 10 minutes
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000



Presented by The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Malaysia and klpac

Date & Time: 5th & 6th March 2020, 8.30pm

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac

Tickets: RM 50 / RM 40 (Students, Senior above 60, Disabled)


Venezuelan lyric singer graduated from the P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow with a Master’s Degree in Soloist Singing, Opera and Singing Teacher. She was awarded a scholarship by the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Venezuela (CUTV). She made international concert tours during her studies in Moscow, in different cities of Europe: Austria, Spain, France, Soviet Union; offering cycles of recitals with the guitar and voice duo, along with maestro and guitarist Rafael Saavedra. In 1982, she obtained the second prize in the Best Interpretation of Soviet Music in the Musical Bachelor. In 1989 she won first place in the best interpretation of Russian music at the P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Since 1990 she has devoted herself with passion to teaching, in different Music Conservatories of the country (Venezuela). On this same date, she composed the voice and piano duo with the pianist Silvia Cabrelles, doing both masterly performances of chamber music, above all, the sample of the repertoire of Russian romances and Hispano-American pieces. In 1992 she was part of the “Rodrigo Riera” quartet, also composed of Maestro Rafael Saavedra, Ignacio Barreto and Enrique Quevedo on guitars performing universal music, with arrangements made by Maestro Rafael Saavedra, disseminating a wide range of repertoire with the aforementioned quartet. Latin American; she founded together with the maestro Rafael Saavedra and Ignacio Barreto, the Chair of Advanced Studies of Singing. She made innumerable concert tours in Venezuela and in 1994, she was invited to the V Festival of Lyrical Art of Havana (Cuba) where she played the role of Adina of the opera Elixir de Amor by composer G. Donizetti, at the García Lorca Opera House. She formed the lyric duet: “ANIMA, Catharsis a Duo” with the Venezuelan pianist Teresa Cos with whom she made different novel recitals where the arts are integrated in all her manifestations (Plastic, Theater, Dance and Music), a proposal that has been received with great success. In 2002, she was Founder and Director of the Choir of the National Institute for Women. In 2003 until 2006, she moved to San Cristóbal (Táchira State) where she taught at the Integral School for the Arts and Banfoandes Foundation where she created the first Chair in Latin America of Children’s Lyrical Singing. She was the founder of Los Niños Cantores: “J. A. Román Valecillos “.

On that same date she served as Director of the Steinvorth House and Head of the Department of Culture of the Banfoandes Foundation, leading next to the teacher Grégory Pino, the LÁRICO ART MOTION of TÁCHIRA. Until today she is the only Venezuelan lyric singer graduated in the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow. She has two recordings with the renowned Venezuelan pianist Teresa Cos: “Russian Jewels” and “One hour in the life of a woman”. Along with Teresa Cos, she founded the Chair of Advanced Studies of Lyric Singing “Aída Navarro” and the Siberia-Caracas-Express Company. With this last one she presented, within the framework of the Teresa Carreño Theater program, “GALA RUSA” with the participation of the Russian tenor Nikolay Nazarov and the Teresa Carreño Choir. Also, in 2009 she toured Latvia (Riga and Olaine) and Russia (Moscow), presenting, three original shows “America Popular with Aroma of Lyricism” (Latin American Music), “Abanico de Pasiones” (Spanish Zarzuela, Cuban and Venezuelan), “Ambassador Music” (Arias, duets of operas, operettas, zarzuelas and universal songs) In the year 2010, she premiered with the Company the new titles: “WITH AROMA OF LYRICS, SONG TO SOJO AND SOJISMO” (music of the Venezuelan Nationalist School) “AND IT APPEARED AT LAST … IN CHRISTMAS” (assembly Christmas).

In June 2010, she made the Musical Theater Cycle in the Concert Hall of the Experimental University for the Arts (UNEARTE), presenting 4 original titles: LEGAL AND POPULAR STAMPS OF THE WORLD I. LYRIC AND POPULAR STAMPS OF THE WORLD II (sample of the students of lyrical singing), SONG TO SOJO AND TO SOJISM (teacher’s fusion: Nikolay Nazarov and Maria Elena Vargas with students); FROM THE LYRIC TO THE POPULAR IS NOT THE SAME AND IS THE SAME. In 2013 she worked as the Musical Coordinator of the Teresa Carreño Theater. This year, reaffirming the proposal of fusion of the arts (plastic, dance theater, singing) and the popular lyrical genre , premieres, in the JF Concert Hall Ribas of the Teresa Carreño Theater, BRUSSELS OF WOMEN, TRAZOS SONOROS, with a repertoire of Spanish and Latin American music, where flamenco dance is masterfully highlighted as a central participation. She performed on this same date a concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra, performing Italian and Russian opera arias, and Venezuelan song; event called FOR PEACE AND FOR LIFE. Parallel to this, she showed the original assembly of WOMEN WITH LIONIC PASSION with the workshop of lyrical singing students, fusing the repertoire of opera arias and universal chamber music. She created together with the teacher Xiomara Mistage, (popular lyrical singer) the project MOVIMIENTO POPULAR DE ARTE LÍRICO NACIONAL, which makes its launch in the Concert Hall of the Casa del Artista, with the participation of soloists of the choir of the theater opera Teresa Carreño and advanced students of the lyrical singing workshop. In July 2014, the premiere of the work ENTRE CANCIÓN Y ZARZUELA ESTO PASÓ EN VENEZUELA was held. In the Ana Julia Rojas Concert Hall, from the Experimental University for the Arts (UNEARTE) with original script by Maria Elena Vargas, who evokes the style of the Venezuelan writer Aquiles Nazoa, an argument that serves as a guide for a beautiful sample of songs and scenes of Spanish and Latin American zarzuelas. This montage was repeated in the same room as an academic show in the curriculum unit WORK ON STAGE for lyrical and popular singers of UNEARTE, in the month of July 2017. In December of 2015, on stage with the students of lyrical singing, a montage called LAS FÉMINAS DE MOZART, with a compilation of opera arias from some of the composer’s works. In December 2016, she carried out the original montage of LA FAUNA Y LA FLORA in the concert hall of UNEARTE, as an academic sample of the work on stage for lyrical and popular singers, which she directed today. She currently continues her teaching work in music schools and the Experimental University for the Arts (UNEARTE).


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