We also run a crucial Community OutReach programme (CORe) which enables members of the underprivileged community to experience the magic of the performing arts. We conduct free talks, guided tours, performance training, theatre workshops and also provide complimentary tickets to performances. It aims to:

Improve access to arts
enable them to experience it

Enrich lives
bring colour back into their lives, lift their spirits & help them re-connect with society

Personal development
equip them with skills like teamwork, leadership & communication

arts can be a form of therapy for those who have suffered trauma by helping them to open up, express their hurt & come to terms with it

Past beneficiaries include schools like SMK La Salle Sentul, SRK St. Joseph Sentul, SJK (T) Tamboosamy Pillay Sentul and SMK Convent Sentul; homes like Shelter Home, Good Shepherd, Montfort Girls & Montfort Boys, Rumah Solehah, Rumah Hope and Rumah Kanak-Kanak Angels; other charitable organizations like Cancerlink, YMCA, Beautiful Gate, and Spastic Children’s Association.

The notion of a community orchestra is very much in keeping with the vision of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), which is to foster creative excellence and develop and nurture performing arts culture in Malaysia.

Driven by the obvious need for a community orchestra to cater for the growing numbers of classically trained music students and amateurs, the first auditions were held in October 2006. The klpac Orchestra’s debut concert in December 2006 was Candlelight Christmas, conducted by the Orchestra’s founder and klpac’s first Music Director & Resident Conductor, the late Mr. Brian Tan. Since then, hundreds of musicians have been a part of the klpac Orchestra and its many concerts throughout the years. It is currently under the leadership of Mr. Lee Kok Leong.

In setting up the orchestra, klpac hopes to provide enriching and engaging musical experiences for people with varying musical backgrounds, in an environment that promotes fellowship and respect. The founding of the klpac Orchestra provides more opportunities for aspiring musicians, amateur or professional while helping to promote orchestral music.

Resident Music Directors:

Mr. Brian Tan (2006 – 2011)
Dr. Takahisa Ota (2012-2014)
Mr. Lee Kok Leong (2015 – Present)

The klpac Symphonic Band was formed in 2009. Like the klpac Orchestra, it is a community-oriented initiative aimed at providing a platform for wind and brass musicians to hone their skills and perform regularly. It was established to fill a gap in the local music scene where many wind and brass players who started playing during their schooling years were left with no avenue to continue after graduating. The band debuted with Friendship in Concert in 2009. It is currently under the leadership of Cheryl Mah.

Resident Music Director:

Ms Cheryl Mah (2011 – Present)

The idea of having a String Ensemble was planted back in 2010. With more and more players picking up an instrument from a young age, klpac decided it was time to reach out to these young musicians. The idea was swiftly cemented and the klpac String Ensemble was formed in September the same year with its youngest member aged only nine. The klpac String Ensemble debuted with Fantastikal Strings in April 2011 under the baton of Dr. Takahisa Ota. It is currently under the leadership of Andrea Sim. In 2017, the klpac String Ensemble was renamed klpac String Orchestra as the group grew.

Resident Music Directors:

Dr Takahisa Ota (2012-2014)
Mr Norman Ong (2015 – 2020)
Ms Andrew Sim (2021 – Present)

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In 2008, klpac launched its landmark youth theatre programme, Theatre for Young People (T4YP). It is driven by the idea that the arts can inspire creative, courageous and confident young people.

klpac’s T4YP programme provides those between 18 and 25 with almost 250 hours of intensive theatre training and mentorship with some of the industry’s top experts as well as performance opportunities in a professional space. Since 2008, 166 young thespians have benefited from the programme and T4YP has toured to Singapore and Russia. It has launched the careers of many theatre makers that are making waves in the industry today locally and internationally.

Entry to the programme is by audition only. Audition calls usually take place in the first quarter of the year. T4YP 2019 and 2020 season is enabled by Creador Foundation.

“The training might be ‘torturous’, but the current ensemble of Theatre for Young People (T4YP) is not complaining…despite the strict discipline, tough training and long hours they have to go to through over the next six months, all of them only have good things to say about being part of T4YP: ‘It shapes our character. By September, we will all be different people…’ Gregory Sze, T4YP alumni” The Star, 2009

Founded by Mark Cleary in Sydney in 2001, the Short+Sweet Festival rapidly grew to become the eminent short theatre festival in Australia and the world, with festivals in India, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Short+Sweet Malaysia premiered in 2008 and is the first long and competitive performing arts festival in the country.

It started with only Theatre, then expanded its categories over the years with the addition of Dance, Musical, Stand-Up Comedy + Song, and another two new categories in 2015, Short+Sweet Choral + Classic.

Short+Sweet Festival Malaysia is open to everyone (Malaysians and non-Malaysians), and to any kind of genre and languages.


Submit your registration forms, scripts, and scores to:
shortandsweetmalaysia@gmail.com (KL)
shortandsweet@penangpac.org (PENANG)