Patrons are kindly requested to observe the following rules to help ensure an enjoyable evening for all.

Please arrive early

  • Latecomers will only be admitted during an appropriate break in the performance, and may be seated at the back of the theatre.

Please do not leave your seat or re-enter the theatre during a performance unless in an emergency

  • Please eat, drink or use the restroom before the show or during the intermission.

Please ensure all beeping and/or glowing devices are switched off

  • This includes all mobile phones, pagers and watch alarms. Taking calls and texting is prohibited during a performance.

Photography of any kind without prior permission from the management  is strictly prohibited

  • If you are attending a performance where photography is allowed, please ensure that your camera does not beep, or flash.

Please do not talk, or sing along except when encouraged to do so by the artist or show

  • While reactions from the audience, and participation where appropriate is encouraged, we ask that it is in a manner that is not disruptive to the performance.