Sound of Peace 梵诵和平

Sound of Peace 梵诵和平

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Well known throughout the Buddhist world for their chanting of sutras and mantras, the affinity that musician and singer Imee Ooi and Kanho Yakushiji share brings them together in a united effort to kickstart a live concert tour in South East Asia, to spread music for world peace. Imee Ooi celebrates 23 years of her music career since her debut in 1999 singing the Heart Sutra (Prajna Paramita) in Sanskrit. Likewise, Kanho Yakushiji, currently a Rinzai monk in Japan, has garnered millions of views on his YouTube channel, popularizing the Heart Sutra (Hannya Shingyo) in Japanese, inspiring many around. Collaborating with Imee Ooi and Kanho Yakushiji in this concert tour will be JSJG, the Man’s Dharma Vocal Group formed by Imee in 2016, dedicated to serve the Dharma through singing.

《 梵诵和平 》

为世界传播善美和平,2022的七月,两位世界具代表性佛曲音乐人将携手呈献Sound of Peace《梵诵和平》演唱会。日本超人气僧侣音乐人药师寺宽邦,独创清新的曲风结合佛教经咒唱诵,三年前推出的 日语“般若心经” 广传世界,善巧方便接迎听众随音乐畅游经咒。马来西亚资深音乐唱作人黄慧音,发行超过五十张佛乐曲专辑,制作了无数梵乐佛曲,她的歌声和音乐流淌在世界有佛教的各个角落,陪伴静心,抚慰伤悲,激励失落,启发正念。



Presented by I.M.M. Musicworks & Mugen Creations

Date & Time:
7th July 2022 (Thursday) @ 8.30pm
8th July 2022 (Friday) @ 8.30pm
9th July 2022 (Saturday) @ 8.30pm
10th July 2022 (Sunday) @ 11.00am

Venue: Pentas 1, klpac

Tickets: RM480 / RM350 / RM250 / RM160 / RM100

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Sound of Peace 梵诵和平

Show type

Live show


7th July 2022 (Thursday) @ 8.30pm
8th July 2022 (Friday) @ 8.30pm
9th July 2022 (Saturday) @ 8.30pm
10th July 2022 (Sunday) @ 11.00am


Age limit

Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted.

PresenterI.M.M. Musicworks & Mugen Creations
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