Tour de Force of Ballet Manila
Classical Ballet
Release date:
21 - 22 September
1 hours 55 minutes
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000

<Tour de Force> of Ballet Manila maiden tour to Malaysia.

A totaled of 20 strong forces of Ballet Manila dancers will shared the stage together with 20 local ballerinas this September. Tour de Force means a performance or achievement that has been accomplished and managed with great skills. The synonymous of masterpieces, attracts to the admirations of the ballet arts for time to come. Combining the various era of ballet and interfusing it into a momentous staging and setting, we are looking forward to display out the < Tour de Force> with the electrifying flare of ballet and beauty of dance.



Presented by City Ballet Performing Arts

Date & Time:
21st September 2019 @ 8PM
22nd September 2019 @ 2PM

Venue: Pentas 1, klpac

Tickets: RM 108 (Bronze) / RM 158 (Silver) / RM 208 (Gold)


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