Christmas Delights with Barang Best @klpac
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1st July 2020

Christmas Delights

Still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Check out Barang Best’s Christmas Delights 🎄🎁
There are only 30 odd left of Kamwei Fong’s iconic furry animal illustrations in print, signed and personally inspected by the artists himself, in our shop. Lovingly packaged with a frame, we’re throwing in a lil Christmas deco and free delivery within Klang Valley too!
Most importantly, all proceeds go towards sustaining klpac as we try our best to ride thru our second closure this year.
We’re accepting orders until 20th December 2020 only.


Barang Best @klpac

For the love and sake of the arts… shop, shop, shop!

Barang Best @klpac is our brand new shop on FB and at klpac’s lobby. It all started when artist Kamwei gifted us with 38 prints. It was the third time Kamwei has gifted us his works. Soon, more items from poured in.

We’ve started this lil shop hoping to find these gifts of love an equally loving new home.

Now you can shop with us from anywhere, anytime! We have a lovely and ever-growing collection of artworks, books and other merchandise from local artists and arts lovers. It’s a great way to get to know some local artists too. Stay tuned for more limited edition merchandise from klpac!

Our shop icon features our very own maneki-neko (lucky cat) Mr. Noisy!

Browse here / or drop by klpac.




1. Go to klpac FB @theklpac.
2. Click on the SHOP tab on the left column. If view from mobile, it’s next to the “HOME” tab below the profile picture. Or click here to view the album.
3. Click on the item you’d like to buy.
4. Click on “Check Out on Website”.
5. Fill in the Order Form here
6. Our staff will be in touch with you thereafter to confirm your order.

Click here to view the step-by-step guide




If you’ve art works, collectibles, books, vouchers, handicraft, jewellery and even experiences you’d like to donate, simply fill up the form here 



Our losses due to Covid-19 amount to RM1.36 million. We have raised RM150,147 since Jan 2020 and have to raise at least RM300,000 by Dec 2020. Donate here






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