Manu Chao South-East Asian Tour – Sibérie m’était contée
Release date:
31 March
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000


Please be informed that “Manu Chao South-East Asian Tour” which was originally scheduled on 31st March has been CANCELLED. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Our box office team will contact those who have purchased tickets. Thank you for your on-going support.

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French-Spanish Indie Folk singer Manu Chao is set to perform on klpac (The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) stage on the 31st of March 2020 in Pentas 1 for the first time in Malaysia. A highly acclaimed, musically gifted and master of song serenading in multiple languages, Manu Chao has been a musical artist for nearly four decades and counting,

This intensely powerful and clever album left audiences seared during its release in 2004 and is now coming to Malaysia to thrill those who want to experience the magic of love and heartache. The ingeniously pun-filled album titled Sibérie M’était Contée is the first French language-only album by Manu Chao himself.

“Si le X m’était conté” (for masculine nouns X) or “Si la X m’était contée” (for feminine nouns X) translates literally as “If X was told to me” or figuratively as “What X is all about” or “An introduction to X”. Thus in Sibérie m’était contée, the first syllable of Sibérie (Siberia) could be interpreted, in wordplay, as the word si (if): “If ‘bérie’ was told to me” (whatever “bérie”—which just happens to rhyme with the French pronunciation of Paris (Par-ee)–might be).

This concert will be an acoustic and intimate night spent with Malaysian audiences, with only his handy ukulele and guitar keeping him company, alongside his bandmate of Radio Bemba during his Asia leg tour.

Sibérie M’était Contée transcends the human inhibitions of language barriers and encourages us to embrace those that are beyond language – spiritual and emotional connection. His songs celebrate that language. With this intimate concert, Malaysian audiences can experience the voices and poetry within themselves and exchange that common language with the prose poems he made during his travels through music.

More than just sounds, Manu visualizes the rhythms and moods that dance across his guitar. The words that he pens down have histories in them, his music is his mode of storytelling. So what are the stories and tales that Manu Chao has encountered during his travels? Sibérie M’était Contée will seek out the answer.



Presented by Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur & klpac

Date & Time: 31st March 2020, 8.30pm

Venue: Pentas 1, klpac

Ticket: RM 50 (SOLD OUT)


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