Short+Sweet Malaysia 2019: Junior Dance (KL)
Dance, Festival
Release date:
5 - 6 October
Age restriction:
4 years and above
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000

With festivals in 14 countries, there is no stopping the SHORT+SWEET mania. Malaysia is no exception as the festival continues to grow here.

We kick off in KL on 6 September with S+S Film, followed by S+S Stand-Up Comedy+Song, Musical, Junior Dance (category for dancers 16 and below), Dance and finish off with Theatre ending on 3 November. It then moves on to Penang from 6 to 16 November for Dance and Theatre.

What makes the festival so popular is its unique format. It only premieres new works that are 10 minutes or less. Not only will you be the first to watch these new creations but, in a single night, you get to watch 10 to 12 different works.

SHORT+SWEET also runs as a competition. The performers compete for a place in the Gala Finals where the winners will win prizes including the coveted Mercedes-Benz Award for Creative Excellence.

Root for your favourite team or, better yet, vote for them and they stand a chance to win the Audience Choice Award.

Come, celebrate us and get swept up in this SHORT+SWEET mania. Like a good Malaysian buffet, there is something for everyone.



Date & Time: 5 – 6 October 2019, 3.00pm

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac

Tickets: RM 45 (Adult) / RM 35 (student, senior citizen, disabled & TAS card member)



Festival Director & Executive Producer  |  Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican

Artistic Director  |  Joe Hasham OAM

Advisor & Senior Production Manager  |  Easee Gan

Stage Management Team  |  Benedict Chin


Shortlisted – Junior Dance
1. Existential Beings
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Mohd Fauzi Bin Amirudin
Assistants Choreographers | Sasha, Catherine, Angeline Yew
Dancers: Elaine Yap Yi-Ning, Izzah Bt. Azlan, Isabel Yin Hsin Jie, Anesha Pillai, Sarah Rose Bt. Mohd Ebrahim, Seraphina Shamira Rabindranath, Simerleen Kaur, Hanan Bt. Azlan, Nadine Ming Campos, Farah Raisa Bt. Roslan, Hannah Cheng

2. Never Apart
By Danztech Movement
Choreographer: Melody Tee
Dancers: Chia Wen Xin, Lee Eunsol (Nina), Luanne Lee, Victoria Wong, Zara Eliza

3. Srikandi (The Warrior Princesses)
By Aurora Dance
Choreographer: Suhaili Micheline, Afham Zainal, Syafizal Syazlee
Dancers: Dasha, Adia, Esha, Caitlyn, Fay, Darshini, Alicia, Rowena, Cheryl, Emellie, Jazmine, Noelle, Annabelle

4. World Spins Madly On
By Acts Dance
Choreographer: Josephine Tiew
Dancers: Marjorna, Amelia Peeters, Emily Wong, Annabelle Lim, Dayna Yu, Mia Seaton. Tam Yeu Qi, Lai Sin Yie, Sunita Khan, Joelyn Chua, Sara Peeters, Sim Caitlyn

5. The Bond
By Cempaka Performing Arts Company
Choreographer: Gwen Ng
Dancers: Tieo Mei Xuan, Natalie Chow Ning Xian

By Aurora Dance
Choreographer: Suraya Ahmad Kamil
Dancers: Adia Sofia, Daria Shepelova, Rowena Toh, Fay Ee Chen, Esha Anum, Caitlyn Baylon, Wong Ying Hui

7. Vicarious Dreams
By Clavier Academy of Ballet
Choreographer: Chua Xie Yenn (Mandy)
Dancers: Andy Hang Wen Bin, Bong Qian Ni, Elizabeth Lim Jia En, Ho Xin Wei, Ip Kah Yin, Kok Zi Xin, Wong Yuin Qi, Wong Yuin Yie

8. The Merry Wanderers
By Clavier Academy of Ballet
Choreographer: Chen Jiunn Yee
Dancers: Aihana Musaeva Talaibek, Amanda Hang Jing Wen, Chan Xin Yu, Chong Zi Ying, Justin Chai Jun Liang, Kam Wing Sam, Lim Tze En, Tseu Zi Xuan, Wong Tze Ling, Wong Yean Ern, Voon Sue Hann, Voon Vei Liang

9. Gravity
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Naomi Bessant
Dancer: Putri Syinta Alezzya Ashly

10. Heartbeat
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Mohd Fauzi Bin Amirudin
Dancer: Seraphina Shamira Rabindranath

11. Iron Maiden
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Catherine Yew Lin Yen
Dancer: Elaine Yap Yi-Ning

12. Spring Blossom
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Sasha Febri Safithri
Dancer: Sarah Rose Bt. Mohd Ebrahim

13. High School Drama
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Charis Sim Siew Foong
Dancers: Elaine Yap Yi-Ning, Sarah Rose Bt. Mohd Ebrahim, Putri Syinta Alezzya Ashly, Amira Izza Bt. Zahari

14. Yon Don’t Have To Worry
By ACTS of Performing Arts
Choreographer: Catherine Yew Lin Yen
Dancers: Andrea Yap Yi Qing, Goh Jit Wern

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