TAKSU 2019
Gamelan Theatre
Release date:
4 - 6 October
Box Office:
+60 3 4047 9000

A gamelan theatre performance marks another milestone for HANDS Percussion in their efforts to preserve and reinvent Malaysian traditional music and art, this time combining the Chinese drums and Malay and Balinese gamelan. After debut gamelan concert ‘Ri Yue Chu Yin’ in 2011 and the classical twist of ‘Tchaikovsky on Gamelan’ in 2014, the group takes its artistic progression further under the direction of one of Bali’s most gifted musicians, I Wayan Sudirana and talented Malaysian actor, director and writer Ghafir Akbar.

Taksu is a musical adaptation of literary work reflecting the spirit of artists arising beyond learned technical skills. It evokes elegance and drama through stories the musicians wish to tell through this performance. Sudi weaves the metallic sounds of the Malay and Balinese gamelan with the varying range of timber sounds of the Chinese drums elevating the diversity of each instrument. The soothing metallic calls of the gamelan coaxes responses from the drums, striking up a mixture of sounds like an animated conversation.



Presented by HANDS Percussion

Date & Time:
4th Oct. 2019, 8:30pm
5th Oct. 2019, 3.00pm & 8:30pm
6th Oct. 2019, 3.00pm

Venue: Pentas 1, klpac

Tickets: RM 88 / RM 138 / RM 188 / RM 238

Early Bird Promotion 20%:
– 20% Discount (till 31st Aug)
– RM70 | RM110 | RM150 | RM190

HANDS Club Member Promotion:
– Buy 4 Free 4 (Limited to Category RM188 & RM 238)
– 10% Discount (Limited to Category RM 138, RM188 & RM238)

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