WFH@klpac (On Demand): Don’t Let Hantu Know
Dance, Music, Musical, Theatre, WFH@klpac (On Demand)
1 hours 30 minutes
Age restriction:
Play may contain disturbing content, parental guidance is advised.
English and Mandarin (with English Subtitles)


“Boo-yah!” The #dontlet short plays series is back again with its 6th edition. This time, you should be afraid. Be very afraid.

For this edition of “Don’t Let Hantu Know”, the theatre makers are going to spook you with a compilation of ghostly tales from a zombie attack to a true life encounter with a spirit.

All in all, seven works will be presented in one show, each lasting for approximately 10 minutes. There will be music, dance, musicals and plays in English and Mandarin (Mandarin plays with English subtitles).

WFH@klpac (On Demand) is supported by MyCreative Ventures, Cultural Economy Development Agency and Program Penjana Malaysia. This show is also supported by Cultural Economy Development Agency, Program Penjana Malaysia, MyCreative Ventures, Beatrice Looi, Secret Fox Entertainment, Shiny Universe and Action Foundation.


由艺人馆全民剧场及木卡空间联手呈献,《别让TA知道的事》系列之《别让阿飘知道的事》即将线上惊悚上演!11位主创团队包括颜永祯、李月依、叶伟良、Zhafir Muzani、李国良、杨宏强、黄敬旭、戴铭伟、林楷宪、邓絜予及杜雪菱以灵异故事为创作方向,题材包括鬼魂、僵尸、巫术及民间禁忌,带来7部横跨戏剧、音乐、舞蹈及音乐剧的10分钟作品。演出以中文及英语为主,中文演出附英语字幕。

《别让阿飘知道的事》由马来西亚艺术经济发展机构(CENDANA)、短期经济复苏计划(PENJANA)、我的创意投资有限公司(MyCreative Ventures)、吉隆坡表演艺术中心、大阳光圆梦基金、元生基金、 Beatrice Looi及狐儿娱乐支持.
此线上放映获得 MyCreative Ventures、CENDANA 及 PENJANA的支持。





Presented by The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat & MUKA SPACE

Tickets Price
RM35 (48-hour streaming period)
RM100 POTA (120-hour streaming period, Patron of the Arts will be recognised on klpac’s website)
If you cannot afford a ticket in this price range, discounted tickets available for students via WhatsApp at +6018 227 7212 or click

English and Mandarin (with English Subtitles)

Play may contain disturbing content, parental guidance is advised.

90 minutes

Streaming Platform
CloudTheatre Revive (Viewing FAQ here)



① The Guardian《守尸者》 (Theatre | Mandarin)
Director: Easee Gan
Adapted by: Easee Gan & Lee Yueh Yi
Music Designer: Lee Yueh Yi
Costume Designer: Beatrice Looi
Cast: Paige Chan & Tan Li Yang

➁《YOLO》 (Theatre | Mandarin)
Director: Easee Gan
Adapted by: Easee Gan & Lee Yueh Yi
Music Designer: Lee Yueh Yi
Costume Designer: Beatrice Looi
Cast: Ruby Faye & Yvette San

➂ The 7th Day 《头七》 (Theatre | Mandarin)
Director / Scriptwriter: William Yap
Actor: Dennis Lee, Richard Tan & William Yap

➃ ALMARI : Kangkang (Dance)
Choreographer: Zhafir Muzani
Dancers: Cheare, Aina Rosli & Amfa Roslan

➄ Almost Ghostly (Music)
Music Director / Musician: Lee Kok Leong
Musicians: Andrea Sim, Joshua Lim & Sze Chiann

➅ Goeng Si on-the-way (Musical | English)
Director / Scriptwriter / Composer: Dylan Yeo
Music Director / Composer: Maxilus Ooi
Cast: Joven Leong, Kara Yee & Shevone

➆《线》String (Musical | Mandarin)
Director / Lyricist: Tai Meng Wei
Music Director / Composer: Jacqueline Teng
Composer / Musician / Choreographer: Andrew Lim
Composer / Cast: Toh Shir Ling
Cast: Apple Yong, Godfrey Yom & Juno Chen


Executive Producer: Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Producer: Easee Gan
Production / Stage Manager: Catherine Lee
Assistant Stage Manager / Sound Operator: Yeo Kok Wei
Lighting Designer & Operator: Mohamed Fairuz @ Boy
FOH Engineer: Mathanakumar a/l Murthi
Technician: Mohd Helmi Khairi
Subtitle Operator: Koh Xin Yu
Backstage Crew: Nabil Sufian, Samuel, Selina Yong
Host: Ruby Faye



klpac & TAS’ losses due to Covid-19 have exceeded RM2 million and its venue has been deprived of audiences for 377 days. It requires a minimum of RM90,000 per month to stay afloat. Each ticket sold goes toward this immediate cause. You can also make a donation of any amount via

新冠肺炎疫情导致吉隆坡表演艺术中心及艺人馆亏损超过200万令吉,本中心也因此闭馆377天无法迎来观众。本中心及艺人馆每一个月需9万令吉以维持营运,每一张票的收入将支持他们继续营运下去。欢迎任何金额的捐款,请浏览 了解赞助相关详情。



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