With removeable seats for up to 100 and a built in projection and sound system, the Indicine, as its name suggest is made for the screening of art and independent films.

Aside from screenings, the space has also been the venue for many highly intimate stage productions, forums, music gigs and much more.

Technical Description
Projection and sound system aside, the Indicine comes with a simple lighting setup with 6 units of Strand Quartet F (650 Watts) controlled in pairs by 3 units of LSC mono packs.

For more information
Download the Indicine Techical Data Sheet and Indicine Layout

For rental inquiries
The Indicine can be rented for screenings, stage productions, as well as for commercial purposes such as product launches, film shoots, seminars and other corporate events. Please email Kent Tan, Asst. Theatre Manager or call +6 03 4047 9014 for more info.