School Holiday Programme / Workshop

Whether the Weather is...


Date: 21 – 24 Feb (Tue~ Fri)

Time: 9:30am – 12noon

4- 7 years old

Class Size: 
 4 – 20 pax

Studio 6 @ klpac

RM 350*

03 – 4047 9023
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*Registration Fee For New Students: RM50
*RM20 off on registration fee for Eslite Malaysia members.

Whether The Weather is…
Our little ones weather through a mission to save another day! Whether they weather through this depends on how much they let their creativity run wild! Let the weather games begin…
A creative 4-day thematic journey of exploring various drama and English learning concepts such as play script writing workshop, expressions + movements + basic acting workshop, pantomiming, poetry appreciation, story acting, craft making, among others.


Teacher Vicky Ang

Vicky specialises in working with young children, through creative English classes with speech and drama components, private tutoring, school holiday programs, special needs homeschooling, class presentations, year end concerts, and live shows! Passionate about educating young minds, Vicky strives to make the world a better place through embarking on educational journeys with the future generation.


Date & Time:
Day 1 ~ Zapin: 4th Mar @ 3pm-5pm
Day 2 ~ Joget: 5th Mar @ 3pm-5pm
Day 3 ~ Inang: 6th Mar @ 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Day 4  ~ 7th Mar @ 7.30pm – 9.30pm (Recap + Choreography with Contemporary Elements)

16+ above

Class Size: 
6 – 20 pax

Studio 5 @ klpac

RM200* for All-4-day workshop
RM70* for single class (only applicable for Day 1, 2 & 3)
*Registration For New Students: RM50
*RM20 off on registration fee for Eslite Malaysia members.

03 – 4047 9023
WhatsApp Us at +60 18 266 3383

To register your interest, please fill in the form here.

Journey into the world of traditional Malay dance with this four-day taster workshop for beginners. After a quick dive into the history of traditional dance, students will be taught the basic movements and techniques of not one but three different traditional dance forms!

In this workshop, students are invited to travel back to the 14th Century when Middle Eastern traders first introduced the Zapin. With its quick footwork and lively music, this dance puts everyone in a joyful mood. Another such dance is the Joget which is said to have Portuguese influence as far back as the 16th Century and a favourite at weddings and cultural celebrations. Lastly, students will have the chance to try their hand at the graceful Tarian Inang, a court dance that originated from the Malacca Sultanate.

Don’t miss this fun and invaluable experience to sample Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage!


Cikgu Zhafir Muzani – Facilitator

Zhafir Muzani, was born in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, and grew up in Lahad Datu, Sabah. He is now residing in Kuala Lumpur. Zhafir is an art activist who has always wanted to explore the world of acting and dance. He started off as a freelance dancer and made his debut as a TV actor in an educational sitcom ‘Oh My English!’ while pursuing his passion in dance. He graduated with a Diploma in Film and Degree in Theatre from UiTM. He has joined many competitions such as SHORT+SWEET Dance at klpac and PenangPAC and won ‘Best Male Dancer’ (2016, 2017,2018 & 2020) and Best Choreographer (2018 & 2020) . Besides that, he won the World Championship of Performing Arts (2011) in Los Angeles, USA, and also won in a few categories in dance and acting. He loves Javanese and Balinese dance and has traveled to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to learn both art forms. He also performed at Pasar Tari Kontemporer (PASTAKOM) in Riau, Indonesia (2019) and The 6th Asian Youth Theatre Festival in Cambodia (2022). Now he serves as an in-house Resident Choreographer and Actor with The Actors Studio. His theater credits include Oedipus (2010), Muzikal Destini Anak Bangsa (2013), Kampung Kemenyan (2014), Rasuk (2015), Buy 1 Free 1 (2015), Nawaitu (2017), Dhendham Tresno Musical (2018), Men In Heels (2018), Adam The Musical (2018) Mek Mulung Lakhon Dewa Muda (2019) and Bollywood Dreams (2020). He directed the plays Dang Sri (2015), Mere Behen Ki Shaadi Musical (2016) and Lapan Satu T4YP (2022). His recent dance productions include pragina : EMOSI (2021), KonTra : Bianglala (2022), KonTra : Asirvatham (2022).



Coming back soon in 2023!

Call 03 – 4047 9023
WhatsApp Us at +60 18 266 3383

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After three years, award-winning gamelan exponent Gangsapura will be bringing its popular Malay Gamelan classes back to klpac. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn this ancient art form that is part of our heritage.

A perfect introductory course for beginners, students will be taught the manners (adab), different instruments in a gamelan ensemble, different techniques employed to play each, structure and notation of gamelan music and how to play as a group.

After a quick refresher, students will then learn how to fuse Malay gamelan playing with Joget Gamelan, how to ‘turun gambang’ as well as more intricate ‘bunga’ on the keromong and gambang. 

About Gangsapura
Gangsapura Gamelan Group is a contemporary Malay Gamelan group founded by power duo Teuku Umar Ilany and Nur Diyana Nadirah in 2016. It aims to promote Malaysian culture, develop traditional arts and instil music and arts skills among Malaysians.

Teuku Umar Ilany – Facilitator (Sat class)

Teuku Umar was first exposed to the Malay gamelan at the age of 12. He obtained his Masters of Arts (Music) by research with a focus on Malay gamelan from Universiti Malaya after graduating with a First Class Hons Music degree in Composition and Arranging from the National Heritage and Culture Academy (ASWARA). At ASWARA, he was exposed to other traditional Malay performing arts such as Wayang Kulit (Malay shadow play), Mak Yong, Bangsawan, Mek Mulong and Randai, all of which has influenced his creative musical skills.

Under the tutelage of mentors and adigurus like Pak Bob Khalil, Pak Osman, Ruslan Imam, Salvadore Guerzo and many others, Teuku is a leading light in the new generation of Malay gamelan artists. Winner of the “Best Gamelan Performer” in a competition in Terengganu, Teuku Umar has directed many traditional performances and has also led the ASWARA Gamelan Group in a collaboration with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). In 2016, he founded Gangsapura to further champion traditional Malay gamelan. A resident composer with Rhythm in Bronze, he also composes for various orchestras.

Mohamad Faliq Bin Che Adeni – Facilitator (Sun class)

Mohamad Faliq Bin Che Adeni graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Composition and Arranging) from the National Arts and Cultural Academy (ASWARA) in 2015. After discovering his interest in the Malay gamelan in 2003, when he was just 13, he continued to pursue it along with other forms of performing arts such as dance and acting, performing at school and international level. In ASWARA, he explored composition and arrangement, opening up opportunities to further develop his craft.

Currently a Malay gamelan trainer at the Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College (KISAS), he has brought honour to KISAS as they have emerged as the Champion in numerous Malay Gamelan Competitions held for boarding schools. In hope of preserving the Malay gamelan and traditional art forms, he continues to teach and share his knowledge as well as compose so that it can be a pride for future generations regardless of race or religion.



The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre,
Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan
off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
51100, Kuala Lumpur

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Ample free outdoor parking available.

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