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Other than providing venue and educational services for the performing arts, klpac also provides corporate services.It is a common misperception that arts training is only for artists.

Today’s business world prizes innovation, creativity and adaptability – qualities necessary to thrive in a highly competitive and ever-changing environment.

Industry pioneers Dato’ Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham OAM have been specialising in arts-based corporate training for almost three decades, serving clients ranging from those in the telecommunications industry to advertising and other service sectors. In 2005 The Actors Studio Academy @ klpac  adopted the methods set by co-founders Joe and Faridah.

While the actual programme can be customised according to group size, duration and objective, some of our training modules include:

  • Team building
  • Presentation and body language skills
  • Change management
  • Creativity and thinking out of the box

Some of the reasons our clients have engaged us over conventional trainers is because arts-based training helps to:

  • Break down the silo effect of corporations
    Develop trust and rapport
  • Shift perceptions, attitudes and mindsets
  • Facilitate conversations about workplace problems and challenges

If you would like us to customise a training module for you, please drop us an email at academy@klpac.org or ian@klpac.org.Nestled in a lush 35-acre park with ample parking and resplendent views, klpac is a magical space unlike any other.

Throughout the year, we produce a whole host of shows ranging from big budget musicals to concerts by our in-house klpac Orchestra and klpac Symphonic Band as well as the ever popular SHORT+SWEET festival.

Besides our grand 504-seat theatre, intimate 190-seat black box, 100-seat indicine and other studios and facilities such as cocktail area, gallery area, VIP holding room as well as the lawn, we also boast a team of seasoned professionals ever ready to help you make your event a success.

We have had the honour of hosting:

  • Customer appreciation nights
  • Staff appreciation or teambuilding events
  • Excursions for foreign delegates and visitors
  • Annual dinners for companies, clubs and associations
  • Fundraising campaigns

If you are looking for a show to host your guests or would like a customised programme, please drop an email to yuemay@klpac.org or ian@klpac.org. One of our greatest passions is storytelling.

Over the years, our multi-talented team has created a solid body of original, award-winning works from musical biopics like ISMAIL The Last Days to works that highlight our heritage like the Hokkien play Big Head and Potato Head and Broken Bridges The Musical, a tribute to Ipoh and the olden days.

An example of a commissioned project was ADAM The Musical. We were tasked by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation to create a piece of work to raise awareness on the AIDS epidemic and people living with HIV.

If you would like to explore engaging our team to help you tell a compelling story for either a commercial or non-commercial purpose, please drop an e-mail to ian@klpac.org and yuemay@klpac.org.

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