Keep klpac cool

Any amount is much appreciated: RM100.00

If you have a bit of extra time or cash and would like to help the arts recover, one of the ways is to chip in RM100 for the Keep klpac Cool campaign running through our birthday month. It will go towards the maintenance of our individual fan-coil air-conditioning units. Keep klpac Cool aims to round up 170 cool donors for this birthday month campaign.

Other ways to help include signing up as a volunteer at klpac, donation of any other amount or signing up for our annual packages with comes with special perks and benefits.


Keep klpac Cool

Our theatres were deprived of audiences for 377 days through the pandemic. klpac and TAS’ losses have exceeded RM2 million with almost a 100 cancelled / postponed shows. Even after reopening, it continued to battle with loss of income for capacity limitations, uncertain policies, brain and talent drain as well as increased costs of operating during the pandemic.

Now, as it begins its long road to recovery, klpac requires a minimum of RM130,000 per month to cover basic operational costs and stay afloat. This excludes maintenance and upkeep of its venue and facilities.

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